΄΄Vasilikari Bros΄΄ company has been specialized in the field of paper industry since 1992, under the brand name ΄΄DAIDALOS΄΄.

The company’s market share has been steadily increasing and since 2003 the company’s   own buildings are located in Hrysaygi-Lagada, 20km outside Thessaloniki.

Our long term experience has gained the confindence  of the market and today we set ourselves among the  most reliable manufacturers and experts in paper industry.

Due to a very well organized time schedule, deliveries are being successfully held by our own lorries, not only in the regions of Macedonia, Thrace, and Thessaly, but also in  the  rest of Greece.

The main products  of  the company is hygiene paper, kitchen paper, napkins for personal or professional use( with logo printed on each side), professional paper and finally paper used in industries.

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